Blue Healer is built for having fun! A wellness change-maker. - Blue Healer Care

Blue Healer is built for having fun! A wellness change-maker.

A laughing man standing near beach waves is holding a Blue Healer Daily Relief cream tube.

Keep a wellness and health routine that includes getting into what you find fun!

Laughter, and the joy of doing what you love, builds your headspace and inner balance. Helps you help others too.
We built Blue Healer products to work with the body's own native restorative and reparative systems. By using the best of nature and innovative science, we believe that our products are truly wellness change-makers! WHY?

1. Antioxidant rich by design.

Blue Healer ingredients work together to make a truly rich free-radical fighting formula. In fact, copper enriched BioCuplex leads the list of antioxidants to efficiently reduce the out-of-balance ROS (reactive oxygen species) that can lead to oxidative stress (OS). OS can cause health conditions, photo-ageing or disease, so a re-balance here is significant.

2. pH Balanced - Scientifically formulated

In-house formulation experts guarantee our products are of premium quality and design, easily absorbed and enriching to your skin and body. We insist on the best, which means we leave out lesser ingredients like 'mineral oils' (read as petroleum by-products) in favour of Jojoba Oil as our base, that is both antioxidant and a natural emollient for the skin. We leave out any harsh chemicals and ingredients known to trigger allergies or reactions, like 'MI' or synthetic perfume.

3. Vegan and sensitive-friendly to suit all skin types

We test all our formulas on our families and friends. We believe that any product used on our bodies should suit both the youngest and oldest, no matter their sensitivity of skin. We back this up with scientific design, but in the end what matters is the real experience of people. And we have sampled everything we make with all types of folks, from world class athletes to our youngest family or friends. We know OUR ingredients are all sensitive and vegan too.

4. Clean and planet-friendly

Blue Healer Daily Relief cream, as an example, is housed in solar-manufactured, 5 layer quality tubes that are recyclable and made in Australia. We use 'zero-waste', re-useable satchels to deliver our products and intentionally reduce the amount of packaging to make less waste on the planet... even if it means less "unwrapping experiences"! Our question is where does that waste go? We choose to create 'stuff', less - add value, more.


Blue Healer Daily Relief cream on a man's finger at the beach