Imagine... a new day with Blue Healer Care | relief cream

Imagine... a new day with Blue Healer daily relief

Imagine... a new day with Blue Healer daily relief

Imagine you’ve just awoken... and it’s time to get moving.

What if as your feet hit the floor, you immediately know they’re sore. Standing up, a twinge reminds you of the lower back ache you’ll have to deal with today. Your toddler runs in and lifting her isn’t a good idea, so you sit back down to give her a cuddle. 

What if you used a body cream that morning, on your back and feet as well, and you would find these aches weren't an issue by the time you walked out your bedroom door?

What if that cream also felt smooth and silky and your skin looked better after using it a while? And it wasn’t sticky or smelly. It just felt good.

Imagine how different that kind of day would feel for you, or someone you know?

That possibility is what we hear about from people using our Blue Healer™ Care cream, a scientifically formulated relief and renewal formula that includes our breakthrough copper complex BioCuplex.

Today we launch our newest cream, "Blue Healer daily relief" with an exceptional level of quality and relief benefit as well as a vegan-friendly formula update to make it as inclusive as possible.

Find out what a complete renewing body care system can do for your daily life.

Our products are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or your purchase price will be refunded upon request, within 30 days after arrival. You can trust our quality.

Helena & the Blue Healer Care team