October is Musculoskeletal Awareness Month - Blue Healer Care

October is Musculoskeletal Awareness Month

Swimming in a pool, this woman is exercising to prevent musculoskeletal injuries and uses Blue Healer Daily relief for antioxidant support

October 12 is World Arthritis Day, Oct 16th World Spine Day, Oct 31 Msk Awareness by Musculoskeletal Australia. Over 7 Million Australians suffer from various Msk conditions which are often a silent pain or life discomfort.

Australians can further awareness of muscle, joint and back pain by posting a story about your aches and issues on Rattle Ya’ Bones Day October 31 a National Day of Awareness for all muscle, bone and joint conditions, held every year on ‘Halloween’. Post your story about this ‘invisible’ pain you or yours may experience, using the #MyMskStory a campaign of Musculoskeletal Australia.

On World Arthritis Day October 12 an overview of better health approaches to reducing or staving off Arthritis was offered by Musculoskeletal Australia is is worth a read. This term 'arthritis' actually covers over 150 conditions and many people think of it as a typical sign of ageing or post- injury condition. As much as there is no certainty of 'not getting arthritis' there are actions toward better health like regular exercise such as swimming and better eating plans, mood improving practices like meditation or nature walks and quality of life enhancers you can try.

Part of well-being awareness is prevention, to help reduce various conditions of the skin and body that lead to dis-repair, soreness or conditions that arise from oxidative stress - the overproduction of free radicals or inflammation. Many of the ways we can improve our health condition and reduce free radicals are tied to more regular exercise, actions to improve your mood, weight management based on positive diet, and health routines that boost your antioxidant levels.

Blue Healer Daily Relief cream is powered by multiple exceptional antioxidant ingredients, including the special copper BioCuplex® that is the scientifically proven hero of our soothing, renewing blue cream. We hope daily use of our multi-functional, vegan cream can be part of your better body health regimen.

Step up to better whole body care this month of October!