"Blue Healer cream cleared my facial psoriasis after 3 uses. It's phenomenal." - Blue Healer Care

"I've never seen anything like it. Blue Healer Care cleared up Psoriasis I had on my face after using it only three times."

"I’ve never seen anything like it. The best thing for me was it worked on some psoriasis I had on my face. I used Blue Healer cream and it cleared up after using it only three times.  It’s phenomenal.

My husband’s a tradie and he loves it.

I flogged myself at the gym and then used Blue Healer Care on only half my arm as a test. I could feel no pain where I used it and the difference was amazing. 

I’m a massage therapist and I have found many of my customers want to use it too, so I am going to carry it at my practice."

Katie D., proprietor

Katherine Davey Massage,  Woonona NSW