Blue Healer Care cream is an amazing find for immediate pain relief from my fibromyalgia symptoms"

"Blue Healer Care cream has been an amazing find for my pain relief and it's so immediate."

"When I first had the illness that led to my fibromyalgia, one of the things was that my elbows hurt so badly that I couldn’t rest my arms on a soft chair armrest. This has gone on for many years sometimes barely noticeable, sometimes bad again. When it comes back, this is one of the places I have ongoing pain. It is probably the most successful area with pain relief from Blue Healer Care cream. And an area where I use it regularly. Blue Healer Care cream has been an amazing find and what I like about it is that it’s so immediate. My skin is sensitive, but I don’t have any trouble with this cream."

Honora F.,  Atlanta, USA