Greg Bird NRL Star "Blue Healer works right away on plantar fasciitis. - Blue Healer Care

Greg Bird, NRL Legend "Blue Healer Care cream definitely helps get me through training and turning up 100% week after week."

Greg Bird, NRL legend carrying the ball while playing rugby league

Greg Bird, Rugby League
"I've had shoulder injuries and wrist injuries and as the body is getting a bit older, the wear and tear starts to happen and this cream definitely helps me get through the gym sessions and the field sessions and helps me turn up 100% week to week.
It's a really good product. I've never been a big fan of anti-inflammatory creams, things I don’t actually see a direct response from I don’t persist with, but with Blue Healer Care you can feel it working straight away."

"I use it on my plantar fasciitis. I’ve got a pretty crook foot. I struggle to turn up day to day at training on the paddock and this has pretty much been the only thing that works. It doesn’t completely take the pain away but allows me to get back out there day-in day-out and get through the training sessions."

Greg Bird