Ali Day, 2019 Australian Multi-Champion Ironman uses Blue Healer Care

Ali Day, 2019 Australian Multi-Champion Ironman uses Blue Healer Care for recovery after races and training

Ali Day winning Nutri-Grain Ironman Series in Dec 2018 crossing the finish line |Blue Healer care

For 4 years, Ali Day says "Blue Healer Care is the first thing in my travel bag." Ali is a Pro Surf Ironman on the tough Australian Nutri-Grain, Ocean 6, Coolangatta Gold and SLSA competitive circuit. Incredibly, Ali Day has just completed a history-making season as the one of the rare athletes to win three major events in the gruelling Australian circuit for the 2018/ 2019 season: NutriGrain Ironman Series, World Ironman Series and the Coolangatta Gold event.

Ali Day has told us about the benfits of his use of Blue Healer Care since 2015. Ali has said he uses it when he has any muscle ache or issue going into any race. Blue Healer cream is Ali Day's daily go-to remedy for soreness, massage and sports recovery in or out of the surf Ironman season. He loves that it "feels good, smells good and is easy to apply. It doesn't leave me greasy or oily like other massage or sports products." 

Recently, Ali has learned that Blue Healer is laboratory proven to benefit the renewal of his skin from damage after all the hours spent in the sun.

Blue Healer daily relief is honoured to have Ali endorse our new vegan formula, which he first used going into the Shannon Eckstein Ironman Classic in March 2019. Ali won that tough new competition too, beating out veteran legend Ironman Shannon Eckstein for the Champion position, in addition to his other season wins.

Blue Healer first connected with Ali in 2014. Training with Wes Berg, a Gold Coast Ironman legend, Ali learned about Blue Healer after it gave @wesberg an edge with recovery from training and injury that was unprecedented.

Ali Day is a true champion of Australian surf and endurance sport and an exceptional individual who is modest in his accomplishments and inclusive of his supporters each time at the podium. Ali gives back to sport with SLSA training and gym seminars for young surf lifesavers and competitors. He shares his goals and view of life on his blog and amongst his projects including ACTVperformance gym on the Gold Coast in Queensland. Follow his journey @alastairday