BioCuplex™ is a patented copper complex technology | Blue Healer Care

BioCuplex™ technology

The BioCuplex™ ingredient in Blue Healer is a patented copper complex that has peer-reviewed scientific research indicating it is a powerful antioxidant ingredient that mediates inflammation and improves tissue recovery. As a copper complex, it leverages the long known health benefits of copper, an essential mineral for the body which contributes to the activity of critical enzymes needed for many of the body's essential processes* including:

  • collagen and elastin production
  • free radical scavenging
  • cross-linked tissue elasticity and strength
  • bone health
  • neurological function 

BioCuplex is the patented technology of RR Med Sciences Pty Ltd in Sydney Australia.

*According to the Linus Pauling Institute, U of Oregon, USA