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Ultra Relief | BioCuplex® Hydrogel

Introducing Ultra Relief, BioCuplex® Hydrogel, a premium therapy for exceptional relief and repair.

BioCuplex® Hydrogel is a wellness change-maker to boost your quality of life with faster relief and better recovery.

BioCuplex® Hydrogel provides faster relief from distracting irritations while it boosts skin renewal and repair: also supports the reduction of scarring and photo-ageing with a highly antioxidant and free radical reducing formula. 

A first release of the long awaited, BioCuplex® Hydrogel - our initial supply is limited*:

2 Sizes: 50 ml now $59.95 reg $69.95 OR 125ml $89.95 reg $115.00.

Select choice on dropdown. *If sold out you'll be advised of delay with an option to proceed. Note: Product design may alter after earliest release due to supply issues.

Clean and Sensitive Ingredients

This soothing Hydrogel glides on and absorbs quickly, with a premium vegan formula that features HA (hyaluronic acid), along with copper powered BioCuplex® and glycerin plus a touch of lavender essential oil.

Sensitive-friendly for all skin types, BioCuplex® Hyrdogel includes no nasty chemicals nor artificial perfumes, petroleum-based oils, dyes, Parabens, SLS, MI or phylates.

Copper enriched BioCuplex®

Copper is an essential mineral for human health, it is known to energise the enzymes that produce collagen and elastin and stronger cross-linked tissues and supports bone metabolism and even neurological systems. Copper is intrinsic for our body's restorative systems, although it is not generated by the body - we need to restore its presence in the body, especially as we age.

BioCuplex® is backed by world class, peer-reviewed studies that show it has superior antioxidant qualities to help reduce free radicals and address inflammation, while it supports repair. 


Soothe on your skin as the first step in your daily routine around the areas you wish to improve or renew. Think of it as a primer for your body care.

For deeper relief and pro-active care: Apply 2-3 x daily on skin or around areas with chronic issues to provide relief or reparative support. Feels great to apply around back of neck and along spine to nurture the whole body. Benefits build with regular use.

For acute issues, like an impact or strain injury or post-surgical or cosmetic care recovery - apply asap and regularly at onset (every couple hours) and taper off after your first day. If using frequently, avoid build-up by wiping off with water after 3 consecutive applications. Dry off and then re-apply as you wish.


Let the Hydrogel absorb (dry) before applying other products, including Blue Healer Daily Relief cream, but particularly before oils or ointments, for best results. 

Note, if you take very high doses of Zinc supplements (> than recommended daily dose) it can affect your body's balance with copper, reducing your hydrogel benefit. 


Disclaimer: Ultra Relief | BioCuplex Hydrogel does not make any medical claims. It has not been reviewed by FDA or TGA and does not claim to be a treatment for any medical conditions. Always consult your doctor for medical advice.