Ali Day "I use Blue Healer Care if I'm sore or before a race"

Ali Day 2021 Champion Surf Ironman "I use Blue Healer whenever I am sore, need a massage or before a big race"

Ali Day Pro Surf Ironman winning NutriGrain Ironman series 2018

Ali Day, Multi-Champion Surf Ironman 2021

"I use Blue Heeler Care whenever I am sore; need a massage or the night before a big race. It doesn’t leave me oily or greasy before I have to compete. I relied heavily on using Blue Heeler Care throughout the Nutri-Grain Ironman Series to help my body recover, especially my muscles, and to relieve any niggling issues so I could back up and race again the next day. I feel using Blue Heeler Care helps me stay injury free."

"I had a calf injury leading into last year's Coolangatta race, I had my partner using blue heeler on it all day everyday leading in. I love the stuff because it works." 

Ali Day

 (Ali has now won the Coolangatta Gold a record 7 times in a row!)

Ali Day and Courtney Hancock holding Champion Trophies after winning Coolangatta Gold race

Ali Day Pro Surf Ironman paddling during a NutriGrain Ironman Series race


Ali Day, Surf Ironman training with Sydney Swans | Blue Heeler Care