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Product FAQ

Why is Blue Healer Daily Relief Cream so special?

Daily Relief is our latest Blue Healer cream formula, born of scientific research and a commitment to the highest quality ingredients for reparative, soothing and rejuvenating body care. It is fully manufactured in Australia under GMP conditions with packaging that is recyclable and produced by solar-powered facilities and shipped in zero-waste product packs.

What is copper BioCuplex™?

BioCuplex™ is a unique ingredient in Blue Healer™ Care. It is the result of years of scientific development. The complex is copper enriched complex providing the ancient, beneficial properties of the copper mineral with the benefits of new process technology. This copper complex has been shown in testing to be highly antioxidant, reparative, and anti-inflammatory with pain relief associated with skin and body care.

Copper is generally known to support the body's ability to produce collagen and stronger cross linked tissues and to be beneficial in both bone and neurological system health. (per Linus Pauling Institute)

Why is BioCuplex™ an Ultra-Antioxidant?

World class laboratories have independently tested BioCuplex™ and shown it is highly antioxidant, quenching free radicals at many times the power of other commonly known antioxidants like Vitamin C or E or green tea extract  - and also in comparison to the body’s own enzymes that fight free radicals and oxidative stress.

How does Blue Healer Care work?

Blue Healer Daily Relief cream acts to benefit the body’s own reparative and regenerative processes to help soothe, renew and restore the area of application.  It is deeply absorbed and fast-acting due to its scientific formulation and the many natural and botanical ingredients that it includes, to deliver soothing relief - alongside skin rejuvenation and hydration.

Note Blue Healer cream does not 'go hot or cold' to provide effective, soothing relief, instead it feels silky and pleasant. It is best to apply it liberally, more like a moisture lotion than an ointment. You may apply this topical cream on the skin over any affected areas on the body.

Most customers also apply the cream for face or body care for its hydrating skin renewal and rejuvenation qualities. It is a unique multi-use cream formula.

When should I use it?

Daily Relief is ideally used morning and night, particularly before bed, to encourage the body’s regenerative and restorative capacity and to soothe soreness or irritations and renew tissues with deeply beneficial BioCuplex™ along with hydrating botanicals and vitamin ingredients.

Many customers use it 2- 4 x a day to encourage ongoing improvement.

If you have an acute or aggravating issue, you can apply Daily Relief as needed, as the cream features sensitive-friendly ingredients. Plus our cream does not include any harsh chemicals, MI or Parabens, dyes or artificial perfumes.

How do I get the best long-term results?

Regular daily use, over multiple with usually provide longer-lasting benefits. It can be used 2-4 times a day - or as needed, when you have acute issues.  

Many users report that their regular application, several times a day, has supported improvement in their overall condition over weeks or months, beyond their expectation.

It's best to apply it first - is case you use other ointments or oil based creams that could reduce Blue Healer cream's absorbance (as it is a water based cream).

Why do the world’s best athletes use it?

Blue Healer Daily Relief cream is widely used by world class athletes such as Professional Surfers (WSL), endurance athletes like Surf Ironmen and Surf Ironwomen and Rugby (NRL, NRU) players, Aussie Rules (AFL), Wave Boarders, Netball players, Gymnasts and Swimmers.

Blue Healer Care is the sports recovery and sports injury treatment cream of choice for the World Surf League medical team for over 4 years on the World Tour.

Athletes report they love how it works – quickly absorbed, no stickiness or smell and for the fast-acting relief they get from soreness or inflamed tissue after competition or training. They also find it rejuvenates and improves their skin which is often subject to long hours in the sun or stressful conditions.

What can Blue Healer Care do for me?

Blue Healer Daily Relief is easy to apply – silky, fast-acting, without lasting fragrance and with no strong smell or stickiness. The cream is scientifically formulated to give you soothing, reparative and deeply renewing skin and tissue benefits that may reduce symptoms like soreness and irritation, skin redness or scarring, and improve skin suppleness and condition, particularly with regular use.

This means Blue Healer Care is a multi-functional cream, suitable for all ages, making it the easy and multi-use choice for families, active people and travellers. One product that can soothe, renew and hydrate your face and body. Airplane acceptable size. Easy fit for purse or backpack.

How can I buy it?

Blue Healer Daily Relief cream can be purchased online (see 'Shop') and will be delivered to your mailbox. It is available by single product of 100g /3.38oz. Or in a value Twin Pack so you receive 2 full sized tubes at a lower price. It can be shipped in Australia, USA, NZ or most international locations.

Do you have a money-back satisfaction guarantee?

We do back the quality and usefulness of our product with a money-back guarantee. So if you are not satisfied, for any reason, let us know within 30 days of ordering the product (email: info@bluehealercare.com) and we will refund your purchase price to your card or method of payment.  We are here to answer any questions you have or to help you use the product in the most effective manner. So email us your questions, so we can be sure you have used the product in the best way for your needs. : info@bluehealercare.com

Why is the cream Blue?

The cream is naturally Blue in colour – without dyes or added colouring – due to the special blue BioCuplex™ copper complex. And if the blue cream gets on clothes or fabrics, it does not stain, and is easily rinsed out with simple cold water.

Is Blue Healer Daily Relief ok for sensitive skin?

Daily Relief cream should be acceptable to most sensitive skin users. It has soothing and natural ingredients with no nasty chemicals or artificial perfume, and no Parabens, petro-chemical products like mineral oil, no SLS and it’s Mi Free.  And Daily Relief cream is a vegan-friendly product, as well.

If you are extremely sensitive, it’s best to test a sample patch on your skin as you would know. The cream does include a premium shea butter ingredient, but as a topical cream it is unlikely that this popular ingredient (derived from the shea nut) would cause any allergic reaction. We have not had any reports of skin irritations caused by Blue Healer products to date. In fact, reports from customers with sensitive or eczema prone skin have been excellent and have reported it to be helpful or positive for their condition.

Is Blue Healer Care cream registered by the FDA or TGA?

This cream has not been reviewed or registered as a medicine by the FDA or TGA and we do not make any claims to be a medicine or treat a medical condition.

You should always consult a Doctor or Specialist about any continuing discomfort, medical condition or disease to get their advice and treatment.

Blue Healer™ Care products are scientifically formulated and are beneficial as a soothing and renewing topically-applied skincare cream with premium ingredients.

Service FAQ

What forms of payment do you take?

We accept MasterCard and VISA credit or debit cards as well as Pay Pal at checkout. The platform charges in Australian dollars (AUD) but any payment service can convert from USD or NZD or other currencies to pay in AUD.

Can I ship to a different address than my billing address, like my office or to a friend?

Yes, please be sure to fill in your current billing address and then enter your preferred shipping address in the designated field.

How long does it take to process my order?

Your order will be confirmed almost instantly to the email address you supply. Then your order will be processed and dispatched within 1 - 2 business days. So, an order on a Friday will be dispatched on the following Monday (Australian Eastern Time). We cannot ship on weekends or Australian Public holidays.

What does delivery cost?

Blue Healer Daily Relief is shipped with 'flat rate' pricing – meaning you can buy as much as you’d like for a set postal price.

We offer Standard or Express Delivery in Australia. Currently it's $7.50 AUD for Standard or $10 AUD for Express Shipping by Australia Post.

It costs $25 AUD for USA delivery or $15 AUD for NZ shipping by Air Mail with tracking. Other countries are listed below - or look for it to be displayed at checkout.

How long does it take for delivery?

Express Post usually delivers overnight or next day to most capitals and surrounding cities but it can take 2-3 days, based on location. 

Standard Post will usually take 2 or more days. Australia Post estimates 2-4 days between major NSW cities, 3-4 days interstate, 5-6 days WA and 10 days for NT. 

If you have a delay, check with your post office after you review your tracking information online to see its progress. You'll have received an email from us with the tracking number upon shipping. If you have further questions, please call or email us if you need support.

Can I buy or ship it outside of Australia?

Yes, we take orders from most countries. We charge in Australian Dollars (AUD) and your credit card or PayPal will apply the currency conversion as necessary.

The website has a currency convertor for major currencies so you can see your local currency cost, but will then charge in AUD at checkout. Your payment method will convert for you.

Our shipping price is a flat rate (NOT weight determined), via Air Mail with tracking and based on country of origin. Some examples are $15 AUD to New Zealand and $25 AUD to USA.

Can I change or cancel my order?

Once you have clicked to submit your order, it will be processed immediately and you may not be able to make any changes. However, if you change your mind immediately or have made some error, please contact us by email (info@bluehealercare.com) asap or phone our office (+61 2 9844 5866 9am-5pm M-F AEST) to note your change request. We will do our best to cancel and refund your order if you make this request before it’s shipped.

What currencies do you accept?

We charge everyone in Australian Dollars - AUD. Our website has an currency converter for major currencies, including USD, so you can preview pricing. This converter is on the top of the screen on a desktop or at the bottom for phone or tablet view.

It will revert to charge in AUD at checkout. Your bank will automatically handle the payment conversion for your currency.

What are the international shipping options and costs?

International shipping is done by Australia Post Air Mail with tracking.

We have a low flat rate delivery to many countries such as $15 to New Zealand, and $25 for the USA, Canada and many cities in Asia. UK delivery is $30 for Air Mail with tracking. France and major European countries, $38 for Air Mail with tracking. Some Euro countries will attract $50 shipping cost which is confirmed at checkout.

As a moisture cream our product is not likely to attract customs, duty fees or taxes but every country varies and any of these fees are the responsibility of the purchaser.

A quote for a more urgent dispatch, say Registered Air Mail or International Express Courier Service requires an email to info@bluehealercare.com for a custom shipping quote. 

How quickly can I expect my international order to arrive?

Delivery time for international orders varies by country. Your order is initiated by Australia Post Air Mail and they suggest it can take 3-14 days, based on location. For instance, it may take 7 business days to major USA destinations.