"Using Blue Healer cream after chemo, I had a big box of pain disappear instantly." - Blue Healer Care

"From the first time I used Blue Healer Care after my chemo, I had a big box of pain disappear immediately!"

Hand and Foot Syndrome irritations relieved by Blue Heeler Care cream

“Just used it. Relief already, thanks to you guys!” (photo caption)

"I’ve had Hand and Foot Syndrome and peripheral neuropathic pain for many years since extended chemotherapy treatments for cancer. I had gotten to the point that I didn’t think I would walk again as it was like stepping on broken glass. This same kind of pain and stiffness in my hands made it impossible to touch anything, including my own fingers. From the first time I put Blue Healer Care cream on my hands and feet, I had this big box of pain disappear – about 85% of it, immediately! It felt like a miracle. I had not found anything that gave me any significant relief or hope until Blue Healer Care. It takes most of my pain away and helps improve the condition of my hands and feet with regular use. I can pick up a pen, use a table knife and I can work again. I can walk on the beach or wear shoes. I had to stop a few days and when I started using Blue Healer Care again, I felt relief immediately. I recommend Blue Healer Care to many people – especially with this condition - and I hear back that they too have excellent results."

Mark L., Terrigal, NSW