Jordan Mercer Surf Ironman RedBull Athlete "Love Blue Healer's post pain. More than anything I love it's good for my skin too. - Blue Healer Care

Jordan Mercer Surf Ironwoman, Red Bull Athlete "Love Blue Healer Care post pain... and that it is good for my skin too."

Jordan Mercer, Surf Ironwoman SUP Champion Red Bull Athlete with Australian flag after winning the ISA World Sup Competition with the Australian team

Jordan Mercer, Surf Ironwoman Pro Athlete

ISA World SUP Champion, NutriGrain Ironwoman Series Champion, Red Bull Athlete

“During my recent recuperation, Blue Healer Care has been a nice relief. I love more than anything that it is good for my skin too. My body is absorbing natural ingredients while healing. 

I have also shared Blue Healer Care with my family. My Mum’s agonisingly sore back felt better the next day after she had a massage with the cream. My grandparents are very active and my Nana has a long-term hip injury and she can’t sleep at night because of discomfort. I was so happy when she called to tell me that since using BHC she has been able to sleep comfortably.

It really touches my heart that my family can get help from Blue Healer Care as well as myself as an athlete.”

Jordan Mercer

Jordan Mercer treated with Blue Heeler Care for foot stress injury
Jordan Mercer |Blue Heeler Care "love post pain"