7 Top Trainer Tips: Sports & Gym Recovery using Blue Healer Care

7 Top Trainer Tips: Sports & Gym Recovery using Blue Healer Care

Wes Berg, Aussie Surf Ironman with his children on his shoulders at a pool, Quote:


Wes Berg, former NutriGrain Ironman, Strength & Conditioning Trainer 

Advice to help your body be at it's best - after exercise and every day! No matter what you like to do actively, that movement helps you feel better. So, learn how Blue Healer can help you recover and improve with exercise or sport.

Blue Healer Care has long been a favourite of elite athletes after training or for sports recovery. Wes has used Blue Healer over 7 years to maintain his long career and his passion for surf sports and coaching SLSA teams or surfers.

Here is Wes' Tips for using Blue Healer Care for Sports or Training Recovery:


Use after every session.

It helps you feel better and improves your recovery. It’s an antioxidant and reparative formula that gets you ready for your next workout, in better condition.


Get your skin ready.

Wipe off sweat and apply after you finish your session. Feels great again after you shower. Using all over, as a moisturiser will give you lasting benefits.


Focus on target areas.

Massage in, as often as needed, over target areas that need extra support or that feeling of relief. Even on days you don't train.


Apply ASAP after you get a pull or issue.

Earliest application, after any issue that comes up, will assist faster recovery. I repeat often that first day. Use for several more days - even after it feels mostly settled - to improve my resilience.


Great after-sun.

Recommend applying after long days outdoors for any skin issues. I get amazing results if I do end up with sunburn. Use several times after and again before bed. Feels great and you'll see results.


Use it first.

Absorbs quickly, but use first in order of skin products so it works deeply - before oil-based creams or ointments that can delay absorption.


Make it a daily routine.

Routines support good habits. Regular, routine use morning and before bed builds benefits for your overall maintenance, and for your skin and elasticity.

Thanks Wes! Always a champion! - The BHC Team