The Twin Pack is back by popular demand! - Blue Healer Care

The Twin Pack is back by popular demand!

The Twin Pack is back by popular demand!

Blue Healer Daily Relief is better by two! The specially priced Twin Pack is now back in shop after customers asked for it's return. They have learned the benefits of regular use for body relief and deeply rejuvenating skincare.  Use Blue Healer regularly, 2-4 times daily to increase the benefits and improvement in skin and body condition.

The new Blue Healer Daily Relief formula is also now vegan friendly and great for sensitive skin, as always. We use the finest ingredients and no nasties including artificial perfume or colours, petrochemical based ingredients, Parabens. And the silky cream formula is MI-Free!

We do our best to keep the skincare and body relief benefits of Blue Healer available to everyone by providing this value Twin Pack so anyone can stock up on a product that will help people of all ages and everyone who cares to live healthy and actively.

And we care for the environment with solar powered manufacturing and recyclable packaging with compostable or re-usable outer packaging for online deliveries. Our tubes have all ingredients listed in easily readable print. We are proud of our quality and accessibility. Enjoy the new Blue Healer Daily Relief Twin Pack! 2 for $50 now!