Jacob Walker, Inspiration |Blue Healer Care|Triathlete|Brain Cancer Ambassador

Meet Jacob Walker... inspiring us, every day!

Meet Jacob Walker... inspiring us, every day!

At Blue Healer™ Care, we spotlight people who inspire us with lives that rise above… or give back. Meet an amazing person, Jacob Walker, who smashes both categories.

Jacob’s positive attitude is the first thing you notice about him. Next, would probably be his smile. Impressive! A full-on schedule as an Australian TV sports producer takes Jacob all over the country. He is passionate about fitness and has proven it in substantial ways. Jacob successfully ran the 2014 New York City Marathon. A great accomplishment for anyone, but there was no easy way for Jacob to reach this Marathon.

‘Rising above’ takes on a whole new level in Jacob’s story. Just as life was looking easy, Jacob’s road took a sharp turn in March 2014 when he sensed that something wasn’t quite right and found that out of the blue he had a brain tumour. He was diagnosed with brain cancer, with immediate surgery required.

Post-op, Jacob made a goal with a meaning and started training hard for the NYC Marathon to support the US grass roots non-profit, ‘B*Cured’, supporting cancer research and awareness. (www.bcured.org)

So, in 2014, Jacob pulled off the sporting challenge of a lifetime with his amazing attitude: getting past his brain cancer diagnosis and surgery in March, keeping a positive approach to every day, training, and THEN running the NYC Marathon in November – just 7 months later! Legend!

Brain Cancer is the Mt Everest of cancers and one of the toughest challenges you can face. But people don’t know much about brain cancer, and Jacob didn’t either. But the facts are startling: it kills more people under 40 in Australia than any other cancer, and more children than any other disease in Australia. Yet it receives only 5% of the Australian government’s funding for cancer research. Little is known about its causes and about how to treat it, and survival rates are seriously low. Things need to change. Awareness and research is required urgently.

Jacob is making a difference on that count. As part of his action plan, he committed to raising funds and awareness for brain cancer. He then became an Ambassador for the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation in Australia (www.curebraincancer.org.au). And he had the courage to make several videos about his journey for those who want to learn about or who are experiencing the roller coaster of brain cancer. Check out this video and his others about living a positive life: http://youtu.be/oW-NnLrGje0

We met Jacob as he was training for his first ever Triathlon event, on November 21, 2015. He continues to work as a Sports Producer and train as a committed athlete, well on his way to meeting his goal to compete at the Hamilton Island Triathlon. Then he plans to dive in again for the first Gatorade Series triathlon in Elwood a week later and several more throughout the Australian summer.

Jacob returned from a training trip in the USA, where he took Blue Healer™ Care in his kit to support his training recovery – from Californian beaches to New York City and Central Park. We are rapt that he finds Blue Healer Care is truly helping him train and achieve his sporting goals. And that it’s great care during his travels in the USA and Australia! 

We will keep up with Jacob on our social media as he continues his journey. 

Jacob, we are inspired by knowing you and your passion for life. We welcome you to the family at Blue Healer™ Care!

Helena, Co-Founder