Courtney Hancock "Blue Healer Care is leading sports, injury recovery and skincare."

Courtney Hancock Pro Ironwoman "Blue Healer Care is leading the way in sports and injury recovery and is great for skincare."

Courtney Hancock Pro Surf Ironwoman running on the beach, uses Blue Healer Care for training, skincare and after days in the sun.

Courtney Hancock, Surf Ironwoman

"Blue Healer Care is leading the way in sports recovery and is different to anything else I have used. In my case, I’ve used it to great benefit for the treatment of my foot injuries. I used it immediately after breaking my foot and I could notice relief instantly. It helped with inflammation and pain and through consistent daily use it helped with overall recovery.
Also being an Ironwoman and exposed to the sun most days, I have to be careful to ensure that the products I use are the very best available for my skin. BHC is great for my skin, especially from the ageing effects of the sun, sand and salt water. And, it feels incredible on my face."
Courtney Hancock

Courtney Hancock wins Coolangatta Gold 2016

Courtney Hancock, winner at Coolangatta Gold