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Wes Berg Celebrates 20 Years as a Pro Ironman with Blue Heeler Care onboard!

Amazing Wes Berg is celebrating his 20th year as a Pro Ironman, with Blue Heeler Care keeping him in the game. We are super proud that Blue Heeler Care is riding along on his vest this year for this very special, final season. Thanks Wes! Wes tells us the relief & recovery of Blue Heeler Original Care gets him to training each day and able to race guys half his age.  Follow his progress in the series of a lifetime! @wesberg

Wes, you inspire us and we are some of your biggest fans! Good luck for a fantastic Nutri-grain Ironman Series ahead!  Read about Wes' story and love of the sport in last weekend's The Daily Telegraph. (photo credit: Daily Telegraph / Luke Marsden)

Helena, Co-founder